Growing your own fruit and vegetables

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great way to maintain a healthy diet.  As well as providing you with a supply of fresh food, it is a relaxing, satisfying hobby.  

Space needn’t be a problem, as many fruit and vegetables can be grown in pots on a balcony or terrace, or in window boxes or hanging baskets.  Growing potatoes in large pots makes it easy to distinguish when they are ready to be picked.  Simply scoop handfuls of soil to the side, look for ripe potatoes and cover over any exposed potatoes with soil immediately afterwards. 

Windowsills can be used to grow sprouting beans, chillies or peppers.  They also make a good environment for seedlings. 

Hanging baskets can be used to grow strawberries, tomatoes and herbs.  Keeping them easily accessible from the kitchen means that you can pick your food immediately before dinner, or whilst other food is cooking. 

Tips for growing your own food:

  • Look out for plants that grow well beside each other.
  • Water plants regularly.
  • Make sure plants are exposed to sufficient sunlight.
  • Choose tough, hardy plants if you have children who might trample or over-water the garden. 
  • It’s not necessary for windowsills to be south-facing, as long as there is still sufficient light for the plant to photosynthesise. 

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